Vertex design is a brand with its own recognizable vision. The lines of holds and volumes are distinguishable, made with knowledge and regard about indoor climbing and climbers.

Vertex design’s main goal is to achieve optimal functionality of the product while being in line with the modern trends in climbing and embracing the aesthetic beauty and harmony of the shape. The clean and clear structure, variety of grips and combinations of Vertex products offer the route setter the possibility to create countless climbing routes with ease.Vertex has opted to design and construct double texture volumes with a line that increases the difficulty and precision of climbing while stimulating the creativity of the route setter. Vertex volumes are offered both in normal and dual texture or even full glossy. Variety of colors and trendy mat vision. 

Vertex climbing holds use the latest, revolutionary Polyurethane resin Dannomond. It’s a high-performance pure Polyurethane, used primarily in the production of indoors climbing holds. Characteristics like higher wear resistance, bright colors, dry soft texture and endurance make it the first choice material for Vertex climbing holds. Route setters and gym owners alike appreciate the long life and the ease of route it achieves. 

Every single hold is made with passion and heart just like when we do art. We work with great attention to the detail. Every set is made as if to take part in an exhibition.
Vertex products have a unique Design that will definitely make you love climbing even more!

  • Vertex Design is the love of climbing.
  • The passion in sculpturing.
  • And creativity.